Shears for automatic glass manufacture

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Glass Cutting – Linear Shears


© iPROTec: Linear Shears

The kinematically decoupled shear blades can be moved by two directly driven linear motors and, if necessary, moved independently of each other. One major advantage of this is the high dynamics
in the travel axes (Y1; Y2).

This design principle yields more precise cuts, a more compact machine design and shorter retooling times with minimum maintenance.

© iPROTec: Linear-Shear

© iPROTec: Linear-Shear

  • Vertical position of the shear arms manually adjustable by up to 20 mm (Z)
  • Maximum opening 180 mm (Y)
  • Quick blade change with quick change system
  • Precise adjustment of blades using an external blade adjuster
  • Long service life due to water cooling of the entire system
  • Easy integration into all production plants for hot forming

Linear motor, freely programmable axes

  • Higher dynamic and reproducible movements
  • No mechanical play
  • No wear
  • Setup possible during operation




Glass Cutting – Retro-Fit Shears


© iPROTec: Retro-Fit-Shears

Qualitatively perfect products demand precise and reproducible movements of the shear blades.

Accordingly, we modified an existing pneumatic shear system into retro-fit shears that make use of servo technology. This system can be adapted to the existing platform without any changes.


© iPROTec: Retro-Fit Schere

© iPROTec: Retro-Fit Shear

  • Accelerations and speeds of the closing and opening movements of the shears are freely programmable
  • Precise cutting of the glass mass without knocking or vibration
  • Variable blade crossover adjustable by software during operation
  • Pneumatic clamping unit, therefore rapid blade changes and no mechanical play
  • Entire system swings out to allow risk-free changing of the unit
  • Additional settings for double-gob application (precise alignment of the cutting and feeder orifice positions; there is no need to push the gob laterally)