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Instead of specializing in one particular product or technological field, we consciously focus on constantly developing ever new and improved processes for our customers. We are also continually expanding our range of competencies in order to develop your entire systems as a single supplier.

IPROTec GmbH has its roots in the glass industry, and our current capacity is due mainly to our close collaboration with Zwiesel Kristallglas AG. For the world leader in goblets for the prestige hotel and gastronomy sector, we have set many technological milestone with new, innovative production technologies.

This has given rise to numerous system concepts for special purpose machine building that are highly innovative and are tailored to your requirements in all respects.

An excerpt of our innovative solutions:

  • Replacing grey cast iron/steel with polymer concrete for sample mounts on testbeds for acoustic measurements. This drastically improves vibration damping and reduces structure-borne      sound compared to a conventional mount.
  • Automation of a simple testing procedure for testing the free passage of medium-transporting plastic parts manufactured by WIT process.
  • Development of a high-dynamic multi-axis system for “on the fly” transfer of glass bulbs in a continuously turning process station. The servo control for this application, which had extreme      synchronicity requirements, was realized using the new SIMOTION system.
  • Assembly jig for offset-free shrinkage of spaced cogwheels on a drive shaft. In practice, we achieved an assembly accuracy of ≤ 0.05 mm tooth offset.
  • Development of a new punching method as an alternative to the ultrasonic punching method so far used in industry. The newly developed punching method affords considerable cost advantages over the conventional method.
  • Development of a new welding method for glass fibre reinforced plastics.
  • Milling machine for plastic parts with modular parts holder.
  • Production line for semi-finished automotive products.
  • Development of a feeder with torque motor drive (patented).
  • Shears with linear motor drive and integrated quick-change system for the blades.
  • Laser crack-off system (“LAVA”) for goblets before the cooling conveyor.
  • Patented press stamp quick-change system.
  • Seam fusing technology for stemmed glasses downstream from pressing.
  • Blow moulding machine in the goblet industry for a maximum production sped of up to 60 pieces per minute.
  • Internal, laser-inscribed logos in the base of goblets.
  • Laser hot moulding process for goblet tops.
  • Basic development of solutions in the field of image processing for production automation and quality assurance.