Robot milling machine

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1. Robot milling machine

The robot milling machine illustrated can be used to machine components with dimensions of 1800x600x300mm (LxWxH) in 2D. The system shown in the picture is used for the machining of plastic cladding. Here, 32 elongated holes are milled into polypropylene and the resulting filings and shavings are directly extracted from the milling position from the above and below. The system may also be used for drilling.

We are happy to adapt the system to your specific requirements, e.g. with a contoured mount.


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2. Robot applications

We implement loading and unloading functions of systems according to your wishes. The robot shown is a robotic removal unit which is able to remove up to 30 glasses per minute from a stem press and place them onto a running conveyor belt in a synchronised manner.

Such a system comprises of two robots that are installed in parallel so that up to 60 glasses can be removed per minute.


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If you need a custom milling machine for manufacturing your products, then talk to us. We will gladly work out a solution for you.

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