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The development, design and construction of machines for glass manufacture were the cornerstone of the history and development of IPROTec GmbH. After the company moved from Grafenau to Zwiesel, which created a synergistic effect given our cooperation with Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, we expanded our technical competence into the mechanical and plant engineering sector for the glass industry.

Having developed a great number of patents together with Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, we now provide complete manufacturing plants for (flute) glass production.


  • Feeders
  • Shears
  • Blow moulding machines
  • Presses
  • Casting machines
  • Chains (handling equipment)
  • Cooling conveyor loading
  • Cooling conveyor unloading
  • Split-off / cut-off
  • Melting
  • Laser marking
  • Automatic quality control
  • Packing
  • Palletization
  • And much more.


© iPROTec: 18-station blow moulding machine

© iPROTec: 18-station seam joiner

© iPROTec: Feeder

© iPROTec: Linear shears

© iPROTec: Retro-fit shears

As a partner of the supplier industry, we have manufactured a great number of systems of various kinds over recent years.

Focus is on punching machines for plastic parts, testing systems for mechanical and electrical components, systems for assembling components, and combinations of all areas.

An extract of our capabilities:

  • Robot milling machines
  • Assembly systems
  • Testing systems
  • Welding machines for plastic parts
  • Punching of plastic components with visible shaping
  • Gluing machines for joining components
  • Measuring and testing systems for electronic components
  • Robot cells for processing and/or assembly, including camera systems for recognition/positioning of components
  • Trimming systems for plastic and rubber profiles

Our development and design team has amassed a great wealth of experience in this field over a number of years. Send us your specifications or enquiry and we will put together an offer for you. Talk to us!


© iPROTec: System for mounting windscreens

© iPROTec: Joining & welding machine

© iPROTec: Punching and gluing machine

© iPROTec: Final measuring station for electronic components

© iPROTec: Assembly & leak testing system

Working from the experience of our designers and developers, we deliver a tailored solution to your technical problem.

We develop systems and machines in a multi-stage process and in close collaboration with our customers. You describe what you are looking for, then we analyze the details and draw up a technical solution for you.

We keep in close coordination with you as we put our drawings to the test with trials, after which we develop a concept that we discuss together.

Finally, we design and build your tailored system.

For example:

  • Milling and drilling machines
  • Assembly systems/jigs
  • Automatic testing systems and test rigs
  • Fully automatic cutters and trimmers
  • Robot cells for fully automatic loading and unloading of systems and machines
  • Systems for laser machining
  • Welding machines, e.g. for aluminium profiles
  • Handling equipment
  • etc.


© iPROTec: Welding and milling machine for aluminium profiles

© iPROTec: Tack welding machine for welding individual components Forklift cab

© iPROTec: Vibration-cushioned sample mount for acoustic and torque testing

For the purposes of monitoring production processes and quality assurance, we offer specific solutions from the field of image analysis.
Thanks to our own basic development and software development, we are not restricted to predefined solutions, rather we can create optimised solutions that are specifically customised to individual Projects.

Optical testing systems can either be configured as autonomous testing machines or as components to be added or integrated to production systems.
In addition to merely testing workpieces, it is also possible to feed back the data measured during testing to optimise production processes..

Examples of application:

  • Automatic drinking glass testing
  • Parison length measurement
  • Automatic workpiece centring
  • Testing calibration marks / calibration procedures
  • Testing workpieces for geometrical defects
  • Testing wordkpieces for surface defects
  • Verification of assembly procedures
© iPROTec: Bildverarbeitung / Trinkglasprüfung

© iPROTec: Image processing / Drinking glass testing

© iPROTec: Bildverarbeitung / Trinkglasprüfung

© iPROTec: Image processing / Drinking glass testing

© iPROTec: Bildverarbeitung

© iPROTec: Image processing