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Glas dosing

The torque-feeder design, patent pending, is based on two servo axes:

The plunger can be moved vertically upwards and downwards, while the second servo axis performs the rotation.


  • No gears or other wearing mechanical elements required for the lifting axis
  • Compact design
  • No reactive forces in the entire drive train
  • The nut on the ball screw is directly attached to the rotor of the motor and therefore completely free of play
  • The encoder system is also directly attached to the rotor and the nut of the ball screw
  • The water-cooled spindle of the ball screw is led through the motor, thereby supplying internal motor cooling plus water cooling of the outer curved surface
  • All mechanical parts are water cooled
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • The rotary axis supports various operating modes such as synchronous and asynchronous operation or constant speed
  • For changing, the plunger can be taken completely out of the channel area using the feeder mechanism


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