Tips for Applications.

How to make a good impression with us.

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You can send your application to us in various ways:

By e-mail:

You can send your detailed application to us by e-mail, for example. If so, then popular formats such as PDF files are best, and – since our mailbox has limited capacity – no larger than 5 MB. You will then receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application from us within a week.
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By online form:
You can of course use our online application form to provide us with all relevant details about you. Note that you must attach photos as JPG and text documents as PDF in this case. Again, we have an upload limit of 5 MB.
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By letter:

While this may be the age of online applications, we will of course welcome written applications sent via the classical route!
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Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our job ads – and accordingly the position you desire. We will also answer all questions regarding a spontaneous application.
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