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Here, you will find all information regarding practical positions, thesis positions and job vacancies.

For students and schools

Are you looking for interesting and comprehensive work experience in the field of special purpose machine building? Then we have what you are looking for.

School student work experience

For school students, we offer one to two weeks’ work experience. Naturally, we make sure you will have the chance to explore your own interests and skills from the outset. Discussions with trainers and apprentices, plus of course plenty of practical experience, will also help you to get to know your future training occupation better.

Student placement

The perfect complement to theoretical knowledge gained from a college or university is a practical training position. Use this training position to get to know our innovative company and thus lay the cornerstone for your career at IPROTec GmbH.

Thesis positions

We are more than willing to give you a helping hand to prepare an outstanding thesis for your Bachelor, Masters or Diploma degree. We will support your quest with our entire wealth of knowledge and expertise and look forward to hearing your suggestions and finding out which topics capture your interest most.

You can also apply online if you like.



Unfortunately, we have no practical training positions at the moment.


Unfortunately, we have no thesis positions at the moment.

For professionals

If having a career to you means being determined, achieving big results together with others and successfully solving difficult problems, then you have come to the right place. As a world leader in special purpose machine building, we look for people who complement our team optimally. Your personality counts the most with us, since we will be working closely together on many projects, after all.


Unfortunately, we have no vacancies at the moment.


Naturally, we will also welcome your spontaneous application!